• Kids screen-free meditation player to help kids sleep and reduce anxiety


    kid-friendly, screen-free, portable, mindfulness.

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What does Zenimal play?

Zenimal offers 9 different types of guided audio meditations (and 3 sleep sounds) for a variety of needs. Meditations can be swapped out anytime with our additional meditation cards.


Why Zenimal Works

Treating the whole patient

Mindful Medicine

"I will start out by saying we ordered more than one because we loved the impact we saw it had on patients and families. Child life uses the Zenimal to increase patient's ability to cope with nausea, pain, fevers, procedures, anxiety associated with the hospital, or feeling restless for extended hospital stays. Patients have commented on how they were able to picture themselves being somewhere different than the hospital or how their pain suddenly didn't feel all encompassing. Parents also reap the benefits and report using the Zenimal at night when they are having trouble sleeping or "turning their brain off." As a certified child life specialist, I am constantly on the lookout for new resources that promote a therapeutic and healing environment for patients and families. The Zenimal has been instrumental in teaching patients and families new coping strategies throughout their hospital experiences."

- Sarah, child life specialist at Primary Children's Hospital

...a true game changer.

- Suzie B.
Rochester, NY