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Why a lot of screen time isn't good for kids.  Screen free mindfulness for children, teens, and adults.  Zenimal, bringing mindfulness to life.

Setting Limits: Why it's Important to Limit Screen Time for Children

I'm frequently asked why I decided to create Zenimal as a screen-free meditation solution when apps are so convenient.  While I appreciate the accessibility and ease these apps offer, the smart devices they utilize are not designed to calm our nervous system.  They inundate us with information a...
Finding Health, Happiness, and Hope

Finding Health, Happiness, and Hope

We have a body and a mind that’s capable of so much. While purpose may feel personal, we’re all rowing the same boat with 8 billion people navigating the same streams. We have a finite time here on earth and a long, winding journey ahead. We might as well pause and enjoy the view. 
Strategic Serenity: Mindfulness & the Military blog post from zenimal.  American flag with dog tags.

Strategic Serenity: Mindfulness & the Military

Sometimes the quest for peace is a battle, as contradictory as that may sound. Our brave American soldiers know this and fight for this. The truth is always available to us, and it is complete, the black and the white coexisting as one. The individual, their society, and the universe as a whole are irrefutably interconnected. If you can find a morsel of peace in one, you can find it in them all. 
Health & Healing: The Meditation Movement in Modern Medicine

Health & Healing: The Meditation Movement in Modern Medicine

As far back as we can see, communities throughout the world have turned to healers to mend their pain and comfort their sick. Archaeological excavations from as early as 700 B.C. have shown that healthcare was a part of primitive societies. Some of the oldest known healing traditions were perform...
Children meditating in school

Meditation & Education: Using Zenimal to Uplift & Inspire the Next Generation

Staying focused and on-task can be a challenge for many children, and meditation is proven to help. Zenimal can be used at the start of the school day, the end of the day, or as a mid-day break to help children refocus, regroup, and get back to the present moment. A mindful meditation practice can clear out anxieties and worries, calm a busy mind, and help clarify and manage thoughts and emotions.