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Decrease Stress and Anxiety

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Introducing Kids to Mindfulness

Zenimal®Kids+ is a screen-free meditation device that teaches mindfulness through 9 guided audio meditations which can be used at home, in school, or on the go.

Two kids using their Zenimal to meditation outside to increase creativity and self awareness

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The Zenimal has brought some much-needed peace to our family life, particularly at the end of the night when my son's ADHD medication has worn off. Dinners were becoming brutal, with leaping and crawling over dining room chairs. Now he eats with the animal, with calming music or a mindfulness exercise. It's amazing. He also uses in the middle of the night when insomnia hits. Sturdy and smart product.

Melissa S.

We absolutely love this device. My child is battling leukemia, and just underwent a bone marrow transplant. Her zenimal has helped so much to get through it. We love all the meditations, her calming voice, and the sweet sentiment at the end of the meditations “and remember you are a good kid” It is so nice to have a portable, washable, chargeable little helper to add to her treatment. We showed it to the child life specialist at our hospital and she ordered a few to keep at the hospital to help the cancer fighters with their stay. Whether your child faces really hard things, or just the simple growing pains of life, this is a wonderful natural way to help them. It’s worth every penny.

Jess A.

Really great device for helping with mindfulness. Our eldest child had issues falling asleep, and this has really helped. I like it so much, I am ordering a second Zenimal for our youngest child, who although has no sleep issues, could still benefit from this accessible way to help meditate. Thank you.

Anna T.

5% of the proceeds go directly to the Precious Dreams Foundation.

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