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Why Introduce Kids to Mindfulness Offline?

Technology and information have evolved at an incredible rate.  Everything is available to us at all hours of the day and the content never ends.  You could read or watch for millions of years and still not digest it all.  The human brain isn’t wired to handle this extreme overload, especially the fragile brain of a child.  Taking breaks to allow the brain to heal and process our world is essential.  

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Meditation and Emotional Expression: A Match Made in Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation practices have just recently been scientifically explored for mental health benefits, and studies have shown mindfulness interventions very effective in their ability to decrease fear of negative emotions and increase willingness to experience such emotions.

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Repercussions of Sleep Disturbances and How Mindfulness Can Help

You don’t have to suffer with full-blown insomnia to feel the ill-effects of a bad night either, as sleep disturbances can have just as big of an impact on your daytime mood and energy levels - often happening for no apparent reason. All very frustrating, you’d probably agree, however, if you’re someone who suffers from broken sleep or have a child who does, you shouldn’t despair, as there is a helpful solution.   

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