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Health & Healing: The Meditation Movement in Modern Medicine

Health & Healing: The Meditation Movement in Modern Medicine

As far back as we can see, communities throughout the world have turned to healers to mend their pain and comfort their sick. Archaeological excavations from as early as 700 B.C. have shown that healthcare was a part of primitive societies. Some of the oldest known healing traditions were perform...
Children meditating in school

Meditation & Education: Using Zenimal to Uplift & Inspire the Next Generation

Staying focused and on-task can be a challenge for many children, and meditation is proven to help. Zenimal can be used at the start of the school day, the end of the day, or as a mid-day break to help children refocus, regroup, and get back to the present moment. A mindful meditation practice can clear out anxieties and worries, calm a busy mind, and help clarify and manage thoughts and emotions. 
What ACTUALLY Matters When You’re Newly Postpartum

What ACTUALLY Matters When You’re Newly Postpartum

As I approach my 4th postpartum period, I can’t help but think back to what I was so concerned with during my first postpartum period and what I learned over the next 2 babies I had! I just want other new parents to truly prioritize the important things postpartum, and let go of some of the stress it can bring in order to focus on this huge transition!
Woman holding balloons. Stop Doing These Things to Transform Your Life

Stop Doing These Things to Transform Your Life

In the course of your journey in life, you will learn different kinds of behaviors. Some of them help you grow, while others can serve as a defense and coping mechanism. The secret is in learning which behaviors are helpful and which ones can damage you. From this realization, you can stop doing what no longer serves you to live the life you deserve.

To improve your life, you can stop doing the following.

Anna Macsalka's Family Gift Guide

Anna's Family Gift Guide

It's that amazing time of year to start thinking of others. And while I will always error on the side of spending our resources on those who are less fortunate, it can be fulfilling to make our loved ones feel appreciated.   For the mama: Organic Lavender Eye Pillow, Uncommon Goods, $32 I love...
Resilient Kids going back to school

Building Back-to-School Resilience

IG Live repost: Mindful tips for going back to school with Kristin Hood (Good Buy Gear), Arlene McLean (Mindful Movers), and Anna Peterson Macsalka (founder of Zenimal) By Anna Peterson Macsalka As I’m sure you can relate, “back-to-school” is everywhere right now, but it definitely feels differe...