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Woman holding balloons. Stop Doing These Things to Transform Your Life

Stop Doing These Things to Transform Your Life

In the course of your journey in life, you will learn different kinds of behaviors. Some of them help you grow, while others can serve as a defense and coping mechanism. The secret is in learning which behaviors are helpful and which ones can damage you. From this realization, you can stop doing what no longer serves you to live the life you deserve.

To improve your life, you can stop doing the following.

Anna Macsalka's Family Gift Guide

Anna's Family Gift Guide

It's that amazing time of year to start thinking of others. And while I will always error on the side of spending our resources on those who are less fortunate, it can be fulfilling to make our loved ones feel appreciated.   For the mama: Organic Lavender Eye Pillow, Uncommon Goods, $32 I love...
Resilient Kids going back to school

Building Back-to-School Resilience

IG Live repost: Mindful tips for going back to school with Kristin Hood (Good Buy Gear), Arlene McLean (Mindful Movers), and Anna Peterson Macsalka (founder of Zenimal) By Anna Peterson Macsalka As I’m sure you can relate, “back-to-school” is everywhere right now, but it definitely feels differe...
The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

I think for the last few years I’ve been treating Zenimal like a racehorse without any real “big picture” purpose.  Eat, sleep, go as fast as possible in a short amount of time, repeat.  An article in Inc. reported on a 27-year study that showed the secret to living a happier life was “working and living with a sense of purpose and meaning.”  That’s it.  One thing.

How Sleep Guru Courtney Zentz Discovered Her Path To Meditation

How Sleep Guru Courtney Zentz Discovered Her Path To Meditation

I ordered my little turtle, and the day it came, it changed our lives. With the idea that it was so easy to use and appealing to tote around, my kids both were in love. We laid together on the bed at bedtime and picked our first meditation, which was ‘sleep’ - and off we went into the journey of calm, listening to founder Anna Macsalka’s soothing voice guide all of us through inhales, exhales, being present and still. 
A Guide to Sleep and Meditation

A Guide to Sleep and Meditation

This blog post comes courtesy of Sleepopolis.

Josh Hurst

Oftentimes, anxiety makes its way into our daily lives. It could be the result of work stress, difficult relationships, a sudden move, or a tragedy. And although this anxiety manifests in different ways, one common result is insomnia.