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Creating a Sleep-Friendly Environment: Must-Have Tips for Parents

By Missy Morrison Charko As a trusted Pediatric Sleep Consultant and a mom of two young children, the importance of quality sleep is always a top priority in my home. Through my training, my clients, and my own family, I have learned the amazing impact that a good night’s sleep can have on our ch...
Benefits of mindfulness

Meditation and Emotional Expression: A Match Made in Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation practices have just recently been scientifically explored for mental health benefits, and studies have shown mindfulness interventions very effective in their ability to decrease fear of negative emotions and increase willingness to experience such emotions.
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Repercussions of Sleep Disturbances and How Mindfulness Can Help

You don’t have to suffer with full-blown insomnia to feel the ill-effects of a bad night either, as sleep disturbances can have just as big of an impact on your daytime mood and energy levels - often happening for no apparent reason. All very frustrating, you’d probably agree, however, if you’re someone who suffers from broken sleep or have a child who does, you shouldn’t despair, as there is a helpful solution.   
How Meditation & Mindfulness Can Help Alleviate Childhood Anxiety and Depression

How Meditation & Mindfulness Can Help Alleviate Childhood Anxiety and Depression

The stresses and strains of daily life take a toll on us all and while this is not news to anyone, the effect it is having on the youth of today is perhaps not as well-documented. The over-stimulation by 21st-century technology combined with lives spent with little or no downtime is leaving the minds of children tired, anxious and depressed.


Meditation and Mindfulness can Strengthen Empathy for Others

There’s little doubt that empathy is a good quality for a person to have, but is it an ability that you simply have or you don’t? Well, there is evidence that rather than being something that’s just in the genes, empathy is an ability that can be developed through meditation and mindfulness techniques - that’s according to a report published in the Journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.
How Meditation Should Look: Eliminating the Expectations

How Meditation Should Look: Eliminating the Expectations

The great thing about meditation is that it’s accessible to everyone and it’s simple. The misconception of meditation only being for hippies, yoga gurus, or Silicon Valley executives is something that’s stopping so many from enjoying the benefits of a mindfulness practice.