Zenimal Kids + 2.0
Zenimal Kids + 2.0
Zenimal Kids + 2.0
Zenimal Kids Meditation Device For Sleep
Zenimal Kids + 2.0
Zenimal mindfulness for kids
Zenimal mindfulness meditation on the go

Zenimal Kids + 2.0

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PRE-ORDER! The all new Zenimal Kids + 2.0 will ship out 6/21/21

Zenimal Kids is a screen-free meditation device that teaches mindfulness through 9 guided audio meditations (pre-loaded via removable SD memory card) which can be used at home, in school, or on the go.  

-Length of the 9 meditations: 3-15 minutes

-Details about each guided meditation can be found here  

Listen to some of the meditations...

Stillness (6 min)

Breath (4 min)

Sleep (15 min)

Inspiration (5 min)

Empathy (6 min)

-60 minutes of relaxing music, ocean waves, or white noise 

If plugged in, Zenimal Kids + also plays three sleep sound tracks (relaxing music, ocean waves, and white noise) continuously for a peaceful sleep.

-For kids ages 5-12 (but we have heard success stories from ages 18 months to 70 years!)

-Extra meditation memory cards are available here please be sure to select the Zenimal Kids + version 2.0 when making your selection.


Zenimal Kids Size: 6in x 4in x 1.5in / Weight: 6oz

Two audio options: speaker & earphone jack (headphones not included)

Rechargeable Base Unit

Removable FDA approved (food grade) silicone cover Other colors are optional as replacement shells

Micro-USB charging cable (wall plug not included)

Quick Start Guide