Anna Macsalka's Family Gift Guide

Anna's Family Gift Guide

It's that amazing time of year to start thinking of others. And while I will always error on the side of spending our resources on those who are less fortunate, it can be fulfilling to make our loved ones feel appreciated.  

  • For the mama: Organic Lavender Eye Pillow, Uncommon Goods, $32
    • I love the simple pleasure of lying down with the slight pressure of an eye pillow to ease tension in my body.  The smell of the lavender is an extra bonus.   
  • For the baby: Sleep tent for home or travel, Slumberpod, $174.99
    • Obviously, I'm a huge advocate for teaching our little ones good sleep hygiene out of the gate.  With Slumberpod, you can create the perfect sleep environment for your baby at home or on the go. 
  • For the toddler: Read Island picture book, Read Island, $18.99
    • Teaching kiddos the value of reading early on can give them a lifetime of benefits.  Let them travel to Read Island where the imagination is free to explore endless possibilities.  
  • For the teen: Write Here & Tear Journal, Nicole Russell, $16.95
    • I remember being a teenager and feeling like nobody "got me".  I had all of these tumultuous thoughts and no place to release them. This journal gives teens the ability to set their thoughts and emotions free and then tear them out and rip them up so they remain theirs.
  • For the dad: Emergency Dad Jokes Mug, Etsy, $13.95
    • Who doesn't love a great Dad joke first thing in the morning?  This mug brings a little joy and lightness to start of the day.  Plus, laughter is an awesome stress reliever.    
  • For the grandparents: My Life Story- So Far, Uncommon Goods, $30
    • For me, the stories from generations that came before us are priceless. This book helps to document the full life of loved ones.  
  • Gifting a donation: Giving Kiddos in Foster Care Tools for Sleep, Precious Dreams Foundation, $10+
    • The power of giving to others who have less than we do is so impactful and ignites our sense of purpose and gratitude.  Help a kiddo get the sleep they deserve in situations that may be less than ideal.  

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