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How Families Can Relieve Tension At Home

by Emma Grace Brown

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, what happens when everyone’s presence is constantly felt? Obviously we love our family members, but the simple fact is, spending most (or all) of your time together at home can leave you all feeling a little crazy. We all need time alone, a chance to let out stress, and the resources to battle cabin fever. Without these options, it’s easy to find ourselves in the red zone.

There are, of course, tons of wellness solutions out there that promise happiness - at a price. How can you keep your family at its best while sticking to a budget? Here are some ways your family can let out stress and create peace at home without spending a fortune:

Get Outside

Right now, we need to avoid large crowds and enclosed public spaces. However, parks, sidewalks, and hiking trails are fair game. You can run, walk, ride a bike or have a picnic with your family; there are all kinds of safe outdoor activities to enjoy without spending a dime.

Remember, time outside is incredibly important right now. With an abundance of parents working from home, many are experiencing a similar moodiness that comes with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Simply put, many of us aren’t getting enough sun and fresh air, and it’s making us miserable. Getting outside will fight this and give you the energy and Vitamin D you need to thrive.

Exercise Regularly

Inactivity is another unfortunate side effect of spending more time at home. Many gyms are closed, and those that are open pose uncertain risks. As a result, many people have fallen out of their exercise routines. But regular movement is absolutely necessary for optimal mental and physical health. Kids and adults alike need exercise to release excess energy and inner calm.

There are tons of ways to exercise more and encourage your family to do the same. You can use online workout classes or exercise video games to make it an all-family event. If you need to pick up gear to reach your goals at home, search for online deals with Rakuten cash back offers to keep things affordable.

Meditate Daily

Mindfulness is an excellent tool your family can use to relieve tension. Daily meditation has been proven to have a positive impact on many aspects of health, from improving mood and outlook to lowering high blood pressure. Meditating for as little as 10 minutes a day will make a significant difference in your family’s life.

However, meditation can be challenging for beginners, especially little ones. Use guided meditation tools like a Zenimal device to practice together - there are options out there for every budget. Mindfulness is a skill like any other, so don’t give up if it’s hard at the start. With time, it will get easier.

Fight Right

Even if you do everything on this list, the odds are high that someone in your family will end up mad at someone else eventually. When this happens, do your best to argue respectfully and productively. Start by encouraging family members to work on recognizing when they’re angry or upset before it reaches a boiling point. This way, they can set boundaries and take time for themselves and hopefully resolve some of that tension.

You should also take this opportunity to work on healthy, open communication. Teach your family how to express their needs directly. When everyone is in a good mood, practice healthy arguing to see what it looks like. It can feel a little silly to act out a fight, but it’s genuinely useful. Coping with conflict ahead of time will make it much easier to resolve issues when they arise.

Doing your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can be tough on your family. However, if you put in the work to protect each other [physically, psychologically and emotionally, you can make it substantially easier. Focus on finding budget-friendly ways to support each other through this time, and you’ll come out even stronger than before.


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